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Revenue Operations: Creating value by aligning Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

We work with companies to jointly develop a complete Customer Experience strategy, focusing on synchronisation and alignment of all contact and promotion channels, and to define structured processes that improve the performance of marketing, sales, and service teams while increasing corporate profitability, from a RevOps perspective. In this area, UniQa ensures end-to-end coverage of any customer-focused activity, for both B2C and B2B or B2B2C companies.

We aim to be a one-stop shop for our customers for Omnichannel Customer Engagement 360 with a consolidated offering of Digital Strategy Design, Digital Marketing Automation, Digital & Phygital Sales, Digital & Phygital Customer Service, and e-commerce.
But that's not all: we also want to help companies navigate the Customer Revolution and create meaningful connections with their customers, knowing that their success depends on this ability.
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A distinctive end-to-end approach from design to execution.


We currently employ over 200 professionals and our team keeps growing.


Transformation and growth based on the co-creation of complete, tailor-made solutions.

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Services to implement a customer revolution with a comprehensive offering of the best CRM and Marketing Automation solutions

Digital Strategy Design

We design a winning strategy for customer interactions and marketing, sales, and service team performance for a consistent experience across the entire Customer Journey. Our CX/UX/UI experts design so that the experience reflects your company values.

Digital Marketing Automation

Automated digital interactions make digital marketing effective and efficient. We help customers define buyer personas and design the customer journey by going through all stages of the Funnel and mapping each touchpoint. We do all this thanks to the data that's been collected.

Digital & Phygital Sales

The sales process is fundamental in every company. That's why having a CRM allows you to codify the sales process directly on your business tool. This way the sales team all work to the same method and data is obtained in real time. Sales strategies are also supported by solutions that expand digital sales channels along multi and omnichannel lines.

Digital / phygital after sales

The Customer Experience strategy is to transform after-sales into a primary driver of business: apps, portals, ticketing systems, onboarding systems, and field service solutions working in an integrated way to provide customers with an excellent experience.

Digital & Phygital Customer Service

The Customer Experience strategy is to transform customer service into Customer Success, a primary driver of business: apps, portals, ticketing systems, onboarding systems, and field service solutions working in an integrated way to provide customers with an excellent experience.

E-commerce (B2B & B2C)

We support companies in creating online sales channels with a tailor-made approach built to give customers an efficient shopping experience, that engages the sales network and brings value to the company. We take care not only of the technical side but also of CX / UX / UI, and in an integrated way with SFA, Marketing Automation, and Martech solutions to support and optimise your online advertising campaigns.

How do we manage projects?
We listen to the customer and find out what they need;
Project Managers trained in Scrum / Agile / Prince2 methodologies;
ISO 9000 and ISO 27000 certifications;
Rapid implementation of solutions;
Data management automation processes;
Many years of experience;
Corporate culture, values, and sustainability criteria;
Ongoing training, certification, and assessment;
Project development checklists that are documented and continuously improved;
Technology partnerships and updates on trends and learning;
KPI system shared throughout the company.
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