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Technology, expertise and innovative solutions: an advanced ecosystem to help you design your future.

Technology, expertise and innovative solutions: an advanced ecosystem to help you design your future.

Industries and sectors


Meeting the needs of smart factories with advanced MES systems that improve the production process, quality, and time to market.


Delivering new innovative, omnichannel, personalised shopping experience models for in-store and online retail.


Sector encompassing all business activities whose purpose is to make available and/or provide services of various kinds.


The world of insurance and finance requires new digital tools to optimise customer relations and modernise workflows.


Chemical and pharmaceutical products have to comply with specific standards: from the Validation Plan to the traceability and safety of the products sold.

Public sector

Promoting flexible operating models for the civil service and fostering a smart approach to work and document management.


Transforming production and purchasing behaviour models through digital tools that guarantee high levels of competitiveness.


Delivering efficient data management solutions in partnership with healthcare facilities, ensuring security, scalability, and reduced costs.


Ensuring traceability, product quality, and competing globally with logistical efficiency and control of traceability requirements.

Supply Chain

Ensuring the native integration of data acquisition devices: from knowing how many items you have to how long goods are in stock.

So many ways to innovate.

Impresoft is made up of a group of specialist, complementary companies and has organised its services into four different Competence Centers.

The synergies generated by these integrations, together with the combination of very diverse talent, expertise, solutions, and services, have enabled the Group to build a portfolio of offerings that is unparalleled on the market.

UniQa is a digital offering of integrated, modular solutions to meet the innovation needs of companies operating in different product sectors.
UniQa has developed a digital-first business model aimed at specific buyers and focused on the business priorities of companies for the effective digitisation of business processes, to provide them with a competitive advantage that will transform the way they deliver value to their customers.
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Buyer Persona specification
An agile and scalable model for digitising business processes.

End-to-end model
Helps you achieve your digital transformation from start to finish.

Expertise and technology
We use the best technological tools to generate widespread value.

Digitali per natura - Impresoft

By Nature

Measurable results that can have a positive impact on people, the environment and companies.